Romancing the Sperm

Learn about Diane’s epiphany to become a Medical Anthropologist and attend the UC Berkeley program to do research on women’s health and reproductive issues in Iran

• Diane defines Medical Anthropology

• Diane maps her educational route

• Diane wrote a book titled “Romancing the Sperm” published November of 2018 which took 20 years to come to fruition

• Learn about the ironic situation of Diane’s own infertility issues

• Learn about Diane’s research on Afghan refugees of low-income Iranians

• Learn about Iran’s family planning and how it differs from the U.S.

• Learn about Diane’s job offer in a non-profit promoting health and literacy for women in and from the Middle East

• Learn how in 2014 Diane launched her own research program with egg donors

• Diane pitched her book idea at the anthropology conference and Rutgers Press picked it up

• Diane shares a story about a women who began donating their eggs at age 22– and within a year of the Lupron injections, she was completely disabled

• Learn about Lupron which is a drug used in fertility treatments, kind of like medically induced menopause and it is used to time the cycle with the recipient

• Diane discusses how she went to try to stop a bill from being passed at an Assembly Health Committee hearing and brought the woman who was disabled with her to prove her point about how important informed consent is

• Diane wants to bring awareness to women donating eggs what could go wrong in the short term long term

• Learn about how it is essential to do the research to improve informed consent in the United States for egg donors

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Romancing the Sperm