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History of iSoulify

iSoulify was founded in 2018 by friends Dena Betti and Colleen Gianatiempo. Dena and Colleen first met through volunteer work at their daughter’s elementary school in Martinez, California. Their daughter’s were in the same grade and the two mother’s paths often intersected. Colleen contributed her artistic flare annually as the chairperson for the school’s Dinner, Dance and Auction. Dena, although not on Colleen’s committee, would always show up the day of and lend Colleen an extra pair of decorating hands. Their kinship grew over the years. Then in 2014, while coping with the tragic death of her 14-year-old daughter Jenna, Dena posted on social media, “How can I honor you?” Colleen responded to Dena’s post and said, “A mural.”

In October of 2016, after 13 months of bureaucratic processes, the public mural commenced and Dena and Colleen embarked on a journey of the soul through the expression of art, creativity and love that lies within each of us. The mural deepened their connection to the people and world around them.

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Colleen Gianatiempo, Co-Founder

I have loved art since I could walk. Art was my friend and it brought joy and light into my life.  I lost sight of this as I grew-up. But I never lost my creative spark. It wove through my life in the way I dressed, my cooking and the way I decorated my house. Art even helped me creatively solve complex challenges in my life. 

Through each challenge I faced, I became more aware of the negative things in my life holding me back.  Much of the negativity was derived by my belief system about myself, my family and my circumstances. I knew I had to challenge my beliefs and the truth.   As I sought out the truth, I found that I was empowering myself and I began to realize a whole new world that lied within me.  A world where I could find out who I truly was. And what brought me joy and happiness.  It was in that space that the light, once again, shown on the world of art. 

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Art and creativity is in each and everyone of us and we all express art differently. Creativity and whatever mode you decide to delve into is the force of life within you. It helps you authenticate your true self. It is more than the process of doing art. It is an expression of what lies within your soul. 

It was through my connection to Dena and the community crowd sourced mural I fostered in honor of her daughter, that I witnessed the meditative and healing process art had for all. Art allows us to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.  It helps us feel connected to the whole.

The transformations that I saw in people were astounding.

Having just completed my Masters of Fine Art in painting, I am not only an emerging artist in the fine arts world but a facilitator of expressive art through iSoulify. By seeking out the truth and purpose that lied within me, I am now on a purposeful path to help others tap into their true essence through the gift of art.


Dena Betti, Co-Founder

Often times our greatest opportunities for growth do not come from the theories and information we obtain in school or work, but from the circumstances and challenges we face throughout our lives.  From the recent great recession to the 2014 tragic accident that took my beautiful 14-year-old daughter’s life, I have faced the darkest of circumstances. 

Throughout every great challenge and heartbreak I have faced, I’ve been attuned to the voice inside me.  It’s the voice that resides in all of us.  Though it is not the voice of our human experience.  No, quite the contrary.  It’s the voice that sings from our soul.  That voice has taught me that we are all here to grow, learn and expand the essence of our soul selves and at the core of everything is love.