S2/Ep4: Lisa Marguiles – A Near Death Experience and the Path of Transformation

Guest: Lisa Margulies, Investment Advisor and Transformational Coach

She had a near death experience.  It started with a cesarean breech birth of her daughter.  The energy changed in the room.  She was not stitched up properly.  She contracted adult chicken pox.  She hermoraged out.  The transition was so fast.  She left her body and it happened so fast.  It was paisley and colorful and there were beings there and they were so colorful.  They asked her if she wanted color or not and she said to take away the color. They looked like white Q-tips.  She could feel the love and the quiet.  She can relate it to skiing when everything is while and quiet.  She knew in an instant she was home.  She was in a natural state. She was experiencing love and peace.  It was easy to be there.  They were helping her transition.  There was no chair.  Sitting was a memory.  The clarity of why I was in this third dimension became clear.  She had a bad upbringing.  So to get to this place and realize the experience was so precious.  It was the first time she valued her life.  She has been struggling to find herself.  They gave me the first of five choices.  Do you want to go back?  Yes.  She missed something.  She became aware of the priceless difficulties that she had had.  

They put four maps in front of her.  They were like topographical maps. The third one was a show stopper.  She didn’t know what to think.  She grew up in a Judeo christian upbringing.  Yes, this family is asking for a volunteer.  She knew it would be the end.  There was no judgement.  I was taking it all in.  Who would volunteer to do something like that?  She was molested by her grandfather.  Her Mom was disturbed. They were all clutching to survive.  I had so much anger and confusion.  The entire life story was playing.  At the end she realized that she chose her parents.  There is a reason and lessons to be going on here.  The illusion of this expression is a ginormous lesson in forgiveness.  

When I looked at my victim story.  I had created it.  I was changed.  In that moment.  When I arrived, I am who I am without my body.  She knew who she authentically was. What is she bringing back?  It is the second chance that we all give ourselves.  What part do we keep in our victim story about something bad happening.  What does 100% responsibility look like?

The fourth path was filled with amazing lights.  She fell in love.  She couldn’t speak.  There were little beings running around the room and the lights were twinkling.  They were all solid.  It was negotiations.  The lights were all agreements.  The story was about being in bed for five years.  She was sick and had no immune system.  She was on medications.  She was ready and started a spiritual journey.  When she came back there was a change.  Even though her body was sick she used this time as a time to become spiritual.  She had incredible care.  Was she accepting death or was she surrendering.  What do you say yes to?  She is at a state of completion.  She was told to fast.  An experience erupted.  40 days she fasted.  She was healed.  Death isn’t dramatic.  But in the moment when a soul separates.  It is a relief.  Ram Das says it is like leaving a tight shoe.  One of my teachers said, think of the creative universe as an arm and I am the thumb, then you are the finger.  Where does the arm actually start?  Everything’s an extension of the third dimension.  Did you see God?  There were five guides.  We have been billions of years in the making.  You have the genetic makeup.  What is the substrate and the highest vibration.  When Dena stood on the train tracks when her daughter passed away, she knew it was more than a passing.  She lost the knowledge.  This meant more than she was gone.  Dena wants to make an impact.  Did you feel that pressure because you got to come back?  Not in the same way.  She has a more relaxed state.  It is about opening space, and drawing out.  There is energy in the way you are describing it.  The piece that you are driving and you are disconnected from, is a contraction and not an opening.  It is about how you access it.  The more driven you become the less you have of it.  

The coaching of 40 days, you have to master reversals and inversions.  How did you get into coaching?  She joined a mastermind.  She didn’t even know what it was.  She was working in a bank.  She was lonely.  She went to a super seminar.  Her map was all the people from the bank.  She was called to be of service to the public.  In this mastermind, she was with high caliber executives, “zen and the heart of leadership”.  There was an offering to integrate all the beings.  There is only one person here and how do you do that with one persona.  She listened to traditional leadership.  They started talking about trust.  If people don’t trust her, then she has failed.  It gave her a voice into the group.  Someone asked her to coach them.  And that is how it started.  The doors opened up.

It is called from her.  It wasn’t something she was taught to do.  Her practice is very holistic.  One could call you an accountability coach.  They have to show up everyday.  We give authority to others so quickly and we attach to beliefs.  There was a moment that she took the healing on.  This entire physical body is a relationship with its soul.  Give the authority to the highest aspect and is allowed to come through you.  What radiates will heal at the psychological level.  She builds a safe place and dumps all of your darkness.  This is the container.  They can find themselves and put them back together.  If you do it consecutive days.  It has to do with it linking.  Coaching everyday for 40 days is important.  Link each day together.  Nothing is sudden, it is incremental.  This causes the brain to rewire.  This is a mileanation period, the 40 days.  The mind is a powerful tool.  What is expressed is a sense of wholeness.  There is knowledge now due to quantum physics and neuroscience.  You have access 24/7 to Lisa during coaching.  You build your own self knowing on an unbroken field for 40 days.   People’s lives are transformed.  She is holding space.  It is profound.  She is added to by every single person.  They have a nice community now.  It is so authentic.  Reversal and inversions.  In this world, authority is external…. looking for feedback. We are addicted to it.  We want to know what to do.  The first reversal is that nobody is out there and no one knows you.  You are the only authority.  It is a purification process.  The judge is so vicious.  All of the doubt.  The noise.  You need to quiet the mind and get the chatter out.  You have to know why.  Each person’s why is different.  To come to this quieted state of being, makes the yeses and nos loud.  Reversing to try it on.  You will find an incredible result.  Perspectives is a mirror.  What we see out there is a backwards image.  I need to force myself to do this purpose.  Society says you have to keep pushing.  The expansion is the opening of space.  Doing less is more.  Surrender the body.  Death and public speaking are the biggest fears.  The gift is complete surrender.  She helps people to know where to go to find their moment of surrender.  That is the priceless gift.  That is our birthright.  Could you give us the lowdown if I signed up for my 40 days.

A Grounding call comes first.  You have to journal all that you want to bring.  You might think you know what will come on the first day but there is something that always emerges which is hot.  Once you pull the thread, what you do one way, you do always.  One issue and one fear and one preoccupation, it starts to fall in.  Coaching and therapy is different.  She will sense psychological wounds and she will send you to a therapist so you can have coaching. 99% of humans are unexpressed.  The difference here is the courage to be cathartic.  Take the authentic cathartic….how did I cause this?  Shift from victim using the drama triangle.  Become a creator.  Life is a drama.  Move out of the animal nature.  Dominance hierarchy.  How do you need to feel powerful?  We have a big drama triangle.  You know the answer.  You will find out what you already know.  That is empowerment.  The state of being empowered.  We defer.  40 days is a new state of self care.  The flow is your birthright.  You become the gift to the world.  

We feel energized!  Thank you for sharing with us! Tap into what you already are.

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