S1/Ep15: Inez – Healing Through Sacred Sound, Intuitive Body-work, Medicinal Plants and Ceremony

Inez’s Healing Arts

We met Inez in a coffee shop. She overheard us and encouraged us. A total stranger reaching out! She has an amazing energy and spirit. We didn’t feel she was intrusive. Two years later we called Inez to do the sound healing for our mural ribbon cutting.

Where does her heart lie in the healing community. What do you do in the space of healing and how did you get there.

The sounds healing is special and how the vibrations can heal your soul.

SIIS-Sound Music and Healing School in San Francisco. All the different cultures are represented. She got laid off of work and she was excited about this opportunity and how it would make her heart sing.

She had been doing energy healing. Intuitive medicine. ayurvedic medicine training. bodywork. chronic healing. pulses. Meso American. A mix of mexican and aztec. Michoacan, Mexico. Her grandfather was a medicine man. She is still searching for her ancestral background. It has been a challenge to be colonized and a woman of color. She grew up in a white community. She has many cultures mixed within her. She fits in many places. It speaks to her work. We are all one. All cultures revolve around nature and plants. Saturate yourself in nature to get healed. Go to the ocean. Go to the forest. What do you do when you get there? Stop and listen. Connect and be with it. Take off your shoes. Close your eyes. Use all your senses. Listen and smell. You will hear a lot! The sky and sun will shine on your and you will feel the energy and let it flow over you. They are given to us and are gifts. Everything we need is here and if free! By spirit the creator. We don’t have to have money or talent or charm. Noticing and listening and receiving and accepting.. These are vibrations. This is what meditation is about. Connecting with your inner spirit. You can be at peace and this is when you can really receive. If our mind is cluttered, we don’t connect with our inner spirit, energy source, light…then we are running without a battery.

What does the vibration do for someone? It changes their vibration. Your energy will go into a calmer state. Your nervous system relaxes. Your body calms itself. The body knows how to calm.

Speaking of the breath. She would like to introduce humming. Hearing your own voice is a vibration. A healing vibration. It is your own. It sounds like a bee. Plug your ears when you do it. It is your own sound for healing. You are breathing and using your core. Bringing it up. Is it similar to OMMMMMM? yes! That is the sound the earth made when it was born. It is a form of humming. Our ancestors knew so much. You can go into a sound journey. It is like lucid dreaming. You go into a trance. If you have a consistent sound, the brain resonates with that sound and it takes you deep within your own psyche so you can connect with your ancestors and your inner thoughts. The drumming can bring you to previous lives. Dena talks about a dream about a past life.

Dreams and subconscious have a lot of meaning. Some of it is symbolic and it could be our ancestors lives. Old karmic things coming up. We are all one. There are a lot of things we don’t pay attention to. It is an opportunity to explore.

When you are in a different space you tap into your sub conscience. It means different things to different people. It can mean tapping into a past life for some.

If someone struggles with anxiety and it affects health, how do you do this with sound healing?

Most clients come to Inez after they have exhausted all western medicine. They are ill and doctors say they are fine. She makes people go to a doctor if they haven’t. She deals with emotions. There is a place for modern medicine. She brings the indigenous medicine in with western medicine. She does use tuning forks. Tuning to a certain megahertz. drums. rattles. saging.

Sometimes Inez needs to touch people. It is a spot that needed to be healed. She is drawn. She has had pain disappear once she touches people. It really isn’t her. She is tapping into a source. She cannot let her ego get in the way. She is very generous with her energy. It is challenging as a healer. She wants to stay in tune with spirit.

When you said it really wasn’t you, what were you speaking about? Were you channeling? yes, it was spirit. If she listens and gets out of the way, it happens naturally. Her first prayer is to get out of the way. Pay attention, listen, allow. It is a partnership. We are connecting with our guides and we are honoring it and asking for assistance of whatever needs to be done at that time.

Inez gives an example. If someone comes with a stomach ache. She will do some healing touch. The work is intuitive. They may need to go into a journey. It may be in the sound vibration. They have something deeper they want to find. Do they tell you things when they come out of a trance. Hypnotherapy is similar. She verbalizes back and forth. First question is where are you? Who are you? There are different images that come out in their session. Inez shares things that she might see. She goes in with them. I will see something and ask them what it means? She can feel healers all around the table. The people that are the most open to healing get past the fear.

How has Inez translated her gifts into her own life? I get healed with every person that I am working with. We can share the same kind of traumas. She has to face her traumas again. It is an exchange.

As a child, she would lay in the tree and put her ear to the tree trunk and she could hear water flowing. That was her first vibration of healing. Tree hugging is a real thing!

Colleen talks about getting grounded. How does light play into your therapy. Natural light is something she uses. Moving energy. Chi Gong. Reaching to the sunlight and the clouds. That opens up all the acupressure points. I call it Father sky. Reach up towards the sky. You will feel the tingling. The energy comes into your fingertips. Pour it into the crown of your head. Let the energy flow in their. Love from above. They say we are from the stars. Protect yourself. Your underarms are heart points. By putting your arms up, you are opening yourself up to spirit. You see this in all kinds of cultures!!!!!!!! It is an honoring. Honoring the earth. And then your hands are down….connect from mother earth and scoop up the power from below….roots, mountains, water. Bring it up to our heart. Gratitude for all that we have. Take the hands and give gratitude back to mother earth. That is all we have to do is be a part of that.

When times get tough and stressed and we don’t know what to do, you can help yourself. The Dalai Lama said we are born with such informality. We live between life and death with such formality. We just need to be. It is so simple and beautiful. We complicate things so much. We just need to hold each other and support each other through struggles. People show up. We are all loving beings.

Where are you now with the work you are doing with cancer patients. Her Mom and brother had cancer so she learned how to deal with it and in addition she lost two friends.

She started helping at the Cancer Support Group. The women’s resource center in Berkeley. She loves what she does there.

Are you attracted to a certain part of their body? Yes. The energy goes right through them. They can feel it breaking up the cancer. Sound healing is really good for Alzheimer’s. It is at a high vibration. Brain entrainment is something that happens when two people are feeling the same vibration.

It is their work, not mine. Visualization is part of the healing. We will moving energy out of cells. People can see cells leave. He could feel the gunk leaving. They have to do the work. Inez is just a guide and a steward to ones own well being. If they are not trusting and believing nothign is going to happen. Faith is a huge componenent.

www.inezhealingarts.com is where you can find a list of workshops. She also does private sessions. She is beginning to do video calls so iSoulify guests can work with Inez.

Parting words. There is a lot of beautiful energy all around us. Trust yourself, your knowing and your intuition. You will connect more! We translate everything we feel onto the people around us.