S1/Ep12: Stephanie Telfer-Lara – Move beyond what you thought was impossible with EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Stephanie Telfer-Lara
EFT Coaching and Mentorship

• She has experienced the loss of a loved one
• She has walked the path of losing a sister
• She grew up afraid of life
• Nicole passed away when she was 7 She had leukemia
• She believes in divine orchestration
• This loss has shaped her
• There is always beauty in it
• Our family knows how to love deeply. We know big things so we don’t fight over little
• Nicole was a wild spirit which made me curious. How could someone so sick be so full of life?
• It taught me a lot about spirit
• It also taught her about being well
• Stephanie dedicates her life now to helping others with their health
• She developed a low self esteem as a child due to all the trauma and she was not a good student
• She learned how to apply herself and she had drive
• Once she had a child, the trauma came flooding back and added to the self esteem issue
• The struggle to be a good mother was full of anxiety.
• Anxiety led her to the healing arts
• She had disassociation and she lived in a fog. This is when you don’t feel part of your whole.
• Faith is the ability to connect and heal
• Getting help led her to the idea that she had more potential
• Breadcrumbs. She pursued yoga teacher training. Second breadcrumb getting a masters in
Spiritual psychology. She was opening to spirituality. This is how she sought a connection.
• Her and her sister then started the business together called THE REMEDY, located in
Martinez, CA
• She hired a business coach to help guide her. She began doing EFT. Emotional Freedom
Technique or Tapping. Tapping is exactly that, tapping along meridian points when you are
experiencing a stress-or or limiting belief.
• Message: make the investment in yourself
• Stephanie had worthiness issues from when she was little. But she did the work to heal.
• External landscape is dealing with the physical and internal landscape is a whole different
Animal. The outside will take you to the inside.
• Stephanie and her sister’s work are so complimentary at the Remedy. Andrea does root cause
medicine, which is functional medicine. And Stephanie does EFT coaching.
• Tapping works really well when you do it on a regular basis. It is like spiritual hygiene.
• She runs a yoga and EFT program for kids and teens. She creates group bonds. She is teaching
them lifetime skills.
• Your inner roommate is your inner critic. ANTS, Automatic Negative Thoughts
• We are all connected and all have energy fields. And so if you have an energy shift, you can tap
even if you don’t know what it is but your brain knows. It will sooth you.
• Roger Callahan came up with TFT, “thought field therapy” by using meridians associated with a
part of the body to relieve fear and suffering. It is so palpable.
• I still love and respect myself is a mantra to use while tapping. Don’t judge yourself and clean
up with the tapping
• Tapping protocol
• It doesn’t matter what side you start on, right or left.
• For purposed of demonstration and if you want to follow along
• Take two fingers (pointer and middle) on your right hand and tap first on the cushion on the
palm of your hand other hand which is your small intestine. The set up phrase is this “Even
though I didn’t do anything today(you can plug in whatever it is that is bothering you etc here)
and I am tired I still love and respect myself ”
• Focus on the judgment.
• Move to the location of where your eyebrow begins. What is the judgment? You didn’t do
enough to be tired?
• Ride that eyebrow and move to the corner of the eye. As you go through, focus on the pain or
judgment or use tapping to explore. I don’t know what is wrong. And don’t worry about it.
• Ride to the bone under your eye which is the stomach. Take deep breaths.
• Under the nose and above the lip. Tap about 7 or more times and it is intuitive. This is your
governing, up your tail bone.
• Under the lips in the divot of your chin. Your central meridian.
• Under the collarbone. Go to the soft spot below the bone.
• Go under the arm. Along your bra strap. This is the spleen.
• The top of the head is last. This is where all the meridians meet.
You can then do the rotation again. tap tap tap tap
• It is very relaxing. It helps change brain chemistry.
• It is common for the body to feel hot and for you to feel tingling in your feet and hands.
• You are changing the fight or flight response. We are living in primitive bodies. We experience
a lot during the day. It calms the nervous system down.
• Making eye contact is really important part of being present with others. I am comfortable and
confident in my skin.
• How does tapping relate to internal organs? The energy flow throughout the organs. Tell us
about the intersection. Tapping is promoting energy flow in your organs. The same as
Acupuncture. Can you target different areas? Gary Craig created EFT. TFT is more of a
Tailored therapy for your personally.
• Donna Eden is someone who works around energy medicine. Your hands are electric magnetic
and can help heal.
• Tapping is good for the emotions and the physical ailments because there is a sense of alchemy.
• I have clients “tap out“ and then “tap in.” Tap out means to focus on the problem. Tap in
means to focus on the potential. If you have a belief, it doesn’t mean it is true. Be truthful with
• Oh to be human!
• 20% off to the audience for EFT and coaching. She is good at pinpointing people’s discomfort.
And 20% off the teen program.
• We are in exciting times for healing. Our natural body wants to be well. When we remove the
barriers that keep us well, we naturally slip into it.
• Religion can be pointing at the moon, but when you experience divinity it puts you on the
The work of Gary Craig
The work of Roger Callahan
The work of Donna Eden