Restoring Natural Balance

Andrea Telfer-Karbo Show Notes

Andrea is a Functional Medicine Practitioner

How did she get on the path of wellness?

at Age 6, her sister was diagnosed with Leukemia. 4 years in and out of hospitals.

Her memory was about curiosity. She saw that whatever was going on wasn’t working. She always loved science. It shifted her perspective on the world. What is true? She saw it fail for her sister.

A Naturopath is a regular MD and trained in herbal medicine with the focus on wholeness.

Something shifted when she was 15, her mother used remedies and naturopathic medicine to heal her mono in 1/3 of the time. Her Mom cared for her in a non-traditional way.

There can be continued exploration and you can be faithful to your beliefs.

Andrea developed anxiety and over stimulation of her nervous system. She worked with a chiropractor and a functional medicine doctor and rid of it in 6 months time.

If you are going to be a good healer, you can’t be mono dimensional. Being a nurse practitioner is a hands on experience. You need to get the humanness out of the experience. After graduation, she serviced people that didn’t have health insurance. It enabled her to have hands on experience and she was practicing her functional medicine training and it was working! The universe opened up.

What is functional medicine? Root cause medicine. We are looking for the one cause. Actually, usually it is many symptoms, one cause or many causes and one symptom. Why why why why?

We look at the whole person, the stress level and the environment. Once you figure out one thing, all the others disappear.

My sibling Stephanie has a masters in trans formative psychology. She is teaching EFT, Tapping, self counseling, intuitive, and energy medicine. You cannot heal the body if the brain is in a traumatic state.

Andrea uses a modality called Energy Response Medicine. People’s energy will lead the science. It is asking the bodies energy systems if it is ok if we do this or that? We do intense labs. It is important to touch the body.

Andrea and her sister have a wellness center in downtown Martinez, CA~The Remedy.

We start at the gut because that will determine 80-90 % of the problem. We systematically tackle your health. Heal and seal. GIMAP. Most of these are expensive.

Connect the dots of mind body and soul.

Colleen Gianatiempo