Intuitive Painter and Healer Through Art Making

This podcast will take you on a journey of self healing and discovery

Julee had a baby named Jackie that passed away from SIDS.

Julee did not have good coping skills. Sex drugs and rock and roll was how she coped.

Things changed when she listened to her intuition when it told her to paint. She gabbed paint and a brush and began to paint.

It made her become present and really still for the first time in 4 years. The paper was receiving my grief.

Julee got to the point where she wants to share this with others to help them heal.

Chris Zydel taught Julee this intuitive painting process.

The God knock told her that this was her thing! Julee feels like she is meant to serve her community.

She opened a business called Canvas and Cabernet and she felt like everything she had learned in her life previously prepared her for this moment. It as a huge success. Her tag line for the business is It is cheaper than therapy!

Julee has became a philanthropic heart.

ARM-Art Recreation and Movement. Amy works with girls that have been trafficked.

STAND-Works with people that are coming out of domestic violence.

These two organizations helped me get a rooting into the concept locally.

People like to express themselves with a medium other than language. People need to learn how to sooth themselves.

Getting to a place of being present forces you to heal. But you also have to FEEL. You can’t heal when you can’t feel.

A funny little saying is “the issues are in the tissues“.

Being quiet allows you to scan your body and see where the pain is residing. Half the battle is just being CURIOUS. It allows you to investigate. Once you recoginze pain in your body, it releases. Bringing awareness is half the battle.

Drop into meditation. Then do a body scan. Stop in places where you hold tension. The second chakra is where your creativity and intuition lie. The second mind. People hold a lot of tension in their hips. It is a powerhouse.

Once you recognize where grief and intuition lie in the body, check in and see if it has a color, a fragrance, an image? It makes it tangible. Whatever shape it is for them, I have them carry it out of their body. TRANSFORM IT. Transform the energy into a positive. What would it look like? This is called embodiment.

Trauma lives in the body. Julee helps them to connect to it and keep in that space and create art, you move the energy up and out. Julee helps people with this practice and what comes out of it is empowerment.

Emotions can be crippling. It doesn’t have to be. Julee gives people the tools.

Exquisite self care. Taking yourself to the next level. Invest in yourself. This is vital. Raise your vibration up. Our society teaches us to be concerned about the external, not internal. Everything starts within.

Julee is working with women that are experiencing burn out. Reclaiming studios is her new venture. One for one model. She is helping women. She is helping women that have lost themselves in being a wife, mother and professional.

If you are not local, you can attend one of Julee’s retreats. This combines this work with yoga and good food. You can do on-line group coaching as well.

For The Love of Cups is an organization that Julee is helping to empower and helping with fundraising. This helps women that are in the throws of cancer and gives them support.

Parting words. Meditate, body scan, journal and paint. If you don’t paint you can use cooking, writing, sports. Anyone can use whatever you have around. Magic markers, pens. Use your intuition pick the colors and trust it as it will take you on a cool journey.

Help the audience tap into their creativity. Intentionality and intuition. It is a deep dive. It is about being curious. It doesn’t come from our intellect. First quiet your mind, if you sense judgment it is not your intuition. It is the noticing, the listening, the observer part of your being. You have to dive deep.

It will be nurturing and will come to your mind, you may tingle. Your intuition will be stronger. You must build a relationship with your intuition. It is imperative that you be quiet through the painting process.

Oracle cards, oils, candles help create a space that is different than your everyday space. Do you use state changers like music to help get you into the space? Your state can change with different typos of music.

Let’s circle back to the one to one model of business. She is very sensitive to foster care children. A lot of them end up in juvenile detention. Julee helps them with self soothing through painting through an organization that helps these young adults. She is preventing kids from indulging in bad behaviors like drugs, alcohol, cutting, etc.

The book is called The Body Keeps the Score by van der Kolk M.D. The best book around trauma.

Our brains have a way of turning certain parts of our brain off for survival. And Julee’s work is helping to turn it back on. If you don’t turn this back on, it will control you the rest of your life. Julee is using some of the money from reclaiming studios to fund her work with foster kids. She wants to train people also to help these kids. It takes resources. Great leaders make great leaders.