Healing the Subconscious

Amanda Elo’esh is our guest today. She conducts plant medicine ceremonies, sacred leadership training and spiritual mentoring in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Amanda’s work was inspired by her life events and curiosities

When she was a young girl she wanted to understand God and eternity

She would go into meditative trances and she would have ecstatic, nirvana, elevated experiences

She started to realize there was something bigger than the third dimension

Over time she noticed she was considered gifted and wise beyond her years

It impacted her in positive ways but there were also challenges

She was in a gifted program and she was learning about placebos

Amanda will try to clarify source and guided imagery

Source is a kind of energy and is rooted in love and is different for everyone

Source makes life happen, it is what created this reality

Amanda says that guided imagery is images that happen in our imagination in a sensory way

Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that uses positive mental images to influence how you feel

As humans we have a limited third dimensional reality, and we can’t access source because we are limited because of our knowledge and beliefs but source is infinite!

Our imaginations are limitless and that is the portal to source

We can access higher realms of consciousness through the imagination

Dena and Amanda share experiences of events that occured in another dimension.

Generations of mammals learn survival skills that are almost like an imprinting of wisdom that’s passed down from generation to generation

We have instincts on how to survive and these guide us

Amanda is very passionate about consciousness and so she studied psychology and expressive arts therapy

Amanda used to be a bit of a skeptic before she had experiences that validated her beliefs

Her Shamanic journey was the start of her transformation and deep healing experience and she started to explore her spirituality through art

Amanda also works with plant medicine, working with cannabis in a conscious way

She realized she could use cannabis in a meditative way and access source again

Amanda shares that she was a social worker for many years said it was hard work because you are constantly in other people’s crises

She kept having representative dreams that she was responsible for children in a warzone and the universe was telling her to stay in that space of social work

One day she was at her desk and she almost felt like someone told her “You are done now, you can do whatever you want.” and she thought, well what do I want to do?

She applied for her Masters at CIIS which is California Institute of Integral Studies and got accepted!

Amanda let source show her the way and she stopped planning things

She got to do what she had been doing for her whole life in a clinical, supervised setting

Amanda describes how to access source as she sits down and meditates and opens herself to things bigger than herself

People come to Amanda when there is something beyond them that prevents them from having their happiness and direction

More than 90-95% of our decisions and behaviors are run by the subconscious

It is essential to know how to access the subconscious

Amanda is leads Colleen and Dena through an exploration of their subconscious

The first being the subconscious has guards to keep you from getting into it because it is convinced that it is keeping you alive, it is basically in survival mode

The way that the subconscious opens the door is by bringing in compassion because it is not seen as the enemy anymore

The best way to do it is to open the mind and be curious and be willing to be in the unknown

The body holds a lot of the ways that the subconscious expresses itself

The mind pays attention to signals and these signals manifest in different ways

Amanda says the first thing she likes to do is shake their hands out

The next step is to stay in our bodies and feel our physical bodies in this third dimension

The body must feel connected to the Earth, holding you and helping you feel grounded and safe during this experience

She says to keep your mind open and stay curious and be open to something greater than yourself

Allow yourself to have the intention to be open to all that is greater than you and what wishes you well

Focus on your breathing and opening up and spreading like branches

Reaching this breath up to the heavens and tuning into that source to ensure connection above and below

Invite a compassion ally to help guide through the experience

This ally could be someone we know, someone we don’t know, someone passed

This being has the ability to see every single thing about you and love all of it and recognize that it is your third dimension reality doing its best

This ally is there to help you through your experience

This ally may be behind you, in front, above, below, or even within you

Now that this connection and presence has been established, Amanda invites them to tune into a program or something frustrating that no matter what you have done, you have not been able to shift it

This program may bring up difficult feelings

Let yourself experience these feelings and thoughts as fully as possible

Notice where it is showing up in your body

Where we look is where our consciousness goes, so imagine you are looking at the place where you feel this experience in your body

Breath is a messenger for our compassion ally, and the breath is going to deliver the message of compassion to this part of your body

It is ok to open and soften and this trauma does not need to be held onto anymore

Let the breath to continue to soften it open

We want to be kind and gentle and loving

Breathe into that place and let it know that it is loved no matter what

Let the mind start to notice if there is any information coming through

A memory, a person, lyrics to a song

Breathe there and notice this

Thank this part of you for being connected with from the conscious mind

Assume something beneficial happened

Thank the compassion ally

Tuning back into the physical body and feeling the connection with source

When you are ready, gently open your eyes

Amanda says that experience is getting these programmed areas off of the program and reconnected back with the body

It is rejoining the two parts

Amanda loves what she does because she gets to teach people how to do this and empower them

Dena asks what came up for Amanda in her life right now

Amanda shares personal stories of how old trauma showed up in her life until she got through her “programming” by recognizing the trauma and becoming aware that it was guiding her

She unraveled the pattern over time and her relationships got better and better

If we don’t see how we are manifesting our reality, then we are victim to it

The good news is that we can change it once we know how

Through tuning in and connection to Source, it is possible to unravel the programming

Everyone has core childhood “traumas” that affect them

We become abusive to the parts of ourselves that we don’t like

Those parts deserve compassion, it grows up when we own it and give it compassion

Going into dialogue with this part of yourself is very important

It is basically building a relationship with yourself, mending that trauma, getting rid of the trauma, and the self becomes more whole, complete, and present

Amanda uses plants to help access that compassion and break down barriers

Amanda is hosting a grief retreat in beautiful Tulume

Amanda says that the ocean taught her some rituals for this experience to help people let go of these traumas

Chocolate is a deep, profounding healer so they are doing ceremonies with cacao

Amanda’s paring words are to stay curious and stay open

If your life is having a hard time, it is not your fault and you have ways to shift it

Your imagination is your source

We all have creation in front of us!