S1/Ep1: Jennifer Jost – From Scarcity to Abundance

Let’s Talk About Money!

In this episode, Jennifer Jost, speaker, money coach and wealth manager teaches you how to move from scarcity to abundance!

Episode Highlights With Jennifer Jost

• How she inspires women in a male dominated industry

• How to build relationships around money

• How to avoid money and addiction

• Sharing stories of resilience and bouncing back

• Jennifer’s personal journey from grief to reclaiming life

• How to find “your people”

• How to access the power and capability inside you

• How to honor pain and befriend pain

• In order to have love for others, you must love yourself first

• How to be vulnerable in front of people

• How to be worthy of joy, happiness and wealth

• Come from love and not anger

• The self critic disrupts all progress

• Learn the tools to deal with emotions when they arise

• Be aware of your flaws and be okay with them

• Learn how to do mirror work and learn to love yourself

• If you don’t feel worthy, your wealth will never grow!

• Don’t get caught up in Society’s “should’s”

• Ask someone smarter than you-Get a coach!

• What do you want to be? 3 years? 5 years?

• Your job is to open up and SLOW DOWN

• Use the word spending plan not budget!

• Jennifer reaches people by being authentic and vulnerable

• Write down 100 things you love about yourself

• Spend money on yourself to retrain your brain

• Rid of thoughts that don’t serve you anymore

• Learn about a CDFA-Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

• Fall in love with your money

Resources We Mention


Wine, Women and Wealth Meetup Group


Complimentary break-through session with Promo Code: iSoulify


Jump Start Special $497


She supports giving money back to #hersmile Nonprofit